Nuclear Weapon

Not Normal

I dreamt last night that I watched a mushroom cloud rise up above my city. This is the type of dream I would have had in elementary school, when we were taught to hide under our small wooden desks -- the kind with a lid and a compartment underneath which held our books, pencils, papers, … Continue reading Not Normal

Women's March, Mom and daughter at women's march, January 22 2017, fascism, rachelrenovation

Learning How to Spell Fascism

I didn’t see him approach. My head was turned in the opposite direction, my neck craning to see Alicia Keys on the jumbo-tron. Two trees, a building corner and a half million people stood between me and where Alicia spoke on stage. I was cold from standing still, wishing my fingerless gloves had fingers. My protest sign … Continue reading Learning How to Spell Fascism

My Resistance Privilege

Dear Donald, One image hasn’t left my mind. It’s been over a year and yet it is lodged in my brain. March 1, 2016. Louisville, Kentucky. Shiya Nwanguma. In my mind’s eye, I can see this young lady, her face calm, proud, amid hysteria. How did she maintain her composure? Her arms at her sides, … Continue reading My Resistance Privilege